Good begets only good and more of it

A tweet to wake us up, a like to cheer us up and a text to greet us – this is how our lives have been digitally transformed. We are all well connected but we hardly communicate with each other.

This Saturday, the volunteers of the Telugu People Foundation ( did something different. As part of the first annual year end effort to create awareness about the organization and its activities, we did something that’s not social anymore – we talked. Yes, we called all the friends in the phone book and spoke to them.

Although I did not make any calls, I did witness the volunteers making these calls and it was so refreshing to see communication beyond the 140 chars, beyond the obsessive likes and beyond the forwarded messages. The volunteers were also having great fun since they were, after all talking to the friends, some of whom, they hadn’t spoken to in a while and some only on social media. The volunteers also meeting in person to do the call-a-thon was a great idea. There is nothing like meeting in person, actually talking to each other, shaking hands, high-fiving, patting on the back, having a good meal and sharing a good laugh.

The entire atmosphere from making the friendly calls to having a friendly chat created so much positive energy, that by the end, we had exceeded our expectations and easily crossed the goal we set for ourselves. Nothing can beat a good friendly phone call. It just goes on to show that if one does something with good intentions it will also yield results that are good.

TeluguPeople Foundation’s mission to empower economically disadvantaged students by providing Scholarships, Student Financial Aid Services, and Awards to pursue higher education and sincerely hope as a volunteer that these kind of efforts will only empower us to reach out to more students – after all good begets only good and more of it.

A brief summary of 2015:

The total sponsorship amount for the year 2015 is $4,478 (approx. ₹2,99,000 at 2015 IRS exchange rate). The total scholarships awarded so far is $37,880 (approx. ₹20,65,451 at corresponding IRS yearly exchange rate). Through the model of motivating previously sponsored students to contribute, we are able to deliver $1.42 worth –

IMG_6476.JPG IMG_6475.JPGIMG_6480.JPG


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