Lets do DeSiphonization too

I know its a terrible title and what he hell is DeSiphonization? I couldn’t come up with a better word to describe how easy it has become to siphon the money and the act of doing this in a professional manner is – siphonization.

So at a time when black money is getting increasingly difficult to trace, white money is getting increasingly easy to siphon. The govt. spending in its various public programs is anything but transparent. One such public insitution is the Food Corporation of India and as per the recent audit report, almost 150 crores of money was just lost in doing the most regular things that FCI was expected to do i.e. storage, procurement, transportation.

While we are at DeMonetization, its high time, we also focus on DeSiphonization by increasing the transparency, accountability and aduit-ability of the public institutions and their public welfare programs


Source: http://cag.gov.in/sites/default/files/audit_report_files/Union_Commercial_Compliance_Report_15_2016_Chapter_5.pdf


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