#TNFarmers – Campaign Day I

We have 20 sign ups thus far and the sign ups only keeps increasing. So here is our action plan for Day I

Call Campaign 

  1. Get the list of MP’s – tinyurl.com/CallTheMP
  2. Identify the 3-4 MP’s you would like to call
  3. Sometimes the contact numbers can be obtained by simply searching on google for using the search “Contact Information for ______________ MP” or look up on myneta.info
  4. When you call the MP, either the MP or his/her secretary would answer – please insist you would like to speak to the MP
  5. Call the PMO office and convey the same  – http://www.pmindia.gov.in/en/list-officer-pmo/
  6. Below is a typical conversation

Me: Can I speak to the MP? I want to discuss the #TN Farmers issue with the MP

Me: (if the secretary answers), then either ask the secretary to put the MP on line or for some reason if the MP cannot, then ask the secretary to pass on your message to the MP

Me: (If they ask who we are, then say) – I’m calling as a concerned citizen and worried about the farmers situation.

Below are some of the questions we can ask

1) them to raise the issue in the parliament
2) them why the farmers issues are not given priority
3) them to meet the farmers
4) If calling the ruling party MP, ask them to ask the PM to meet the farmers
5) If calling the opposition party, ask the opposition leader to meet the PM

Once you call the MP, please do share the notes of your call. You can leave a comment here and I will collate all the responses. Its ok if we call the same MP twice, the more we call, the more pressure we can put on them

Tweet the MP/PMO

@PMOIndia why such indifference? At what point do #tnfarmers issues become priority for you? When are you meeting the farmers? #Jaikisan



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