I saw death as I got lynched

I saw death 

It was bloody

It was cruel

It was gruesome

It was merciless

It was heartless

It was ruthless
It was not a gun

It was not a bomb

It was not a knife

It was not any weapon

It was hate 
I saw death as I got #lynched
I could have dodged the bullet

I could have fought the knife

I could have esaped the bomb

I could have shielded from the weapon

I was helpless before the hate mongering crowd
I saw death as I got #lynched
The bullet would have pierced my heart

The knife would have cut me to bleed to death 

The bomb would have shreded me to pieces

The hate pierced people’s heart,cut the viens of humanity and shred the society into pieces 
I saw death as I got #lynched
Law didn’t mater

Justice didn’t mater

Truth didn’t matter

Police didn’t matter

Politics didn’t matter

People didn’t matter

Politicians didn’t matter

Society didn’t matter

Humanity didn’t matter

Because when hate takes over love, nothing ever matters
I saw death as I got #lynched
In the name of cow

In the name of religion

In the name of protection

In the name of caste

In the name of class

Life was just there to be disposed

I saw death as I got #lynched


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