Mitti – Back to the Roots is not just a movie

Aliens are perceived to be far superior creatures with a high level of IQ and stronger emotional and physical abilities. At least this was what portrayed in all the movies and to certain extent people did buy this notion.

While this notion can be challenged and debated, there is the undisputable and far superior device that has made everyone subservient to it’s owners. Yes, you guessed it, I’m referring to the omnipresent and the dominating “Smart Phones”. The smart phones are so smart and intelligent that they made their owners succumb.

But as always in nature there are exceptions. The exception comes in the form of a young, creative, compassionate and innovative film maker who uses the smart phone to make short films. Films about what divides humans and what bonds them to documenting real life heroes giving their work the much needed exposure. In a very short span, this film maker thinker shot well over 100 films and won several awards.

Ladies and gentleman, introducing Anshul Sinha, the smart film maker.

Smart because he knows how to use his resources effectively, smart because he chooses his subjects that are contemporary and based on real life stories of everyday struggles and smart because he is constantly learning on the job and never takes anything for granted. The smart phones helped Anshul get his foot in the door of film making, but he was never going to stop there. He soon took up the challenge of going behind the cameras.

The movie on agrarian crisis is one such endeavour. Anshul and his team spent more than a year researching the subject for the movie. The research included talking to the farmers, going to the villages, interacting with farmers and people from various other backgrounds.

Bahubali became a (inter) national  hero courtesy of a movie and has captivated the imagination of millions of Indians – Bahubali has become a household name. That is the power of the movie. It is this same power of the movie that Anshul is harnessing and putting all his efforts to celebrate and honor a real hero – the farmer. The movie titled “Mitti Back to the roots” is a full length movie focussed on the real problems (more dramatic and tragic) than those faced by our reelhero in Bahubali and how the reallife hero fights back and is fighting back against all the odds.

The movie is an attempt to take the audience through a journey that we, the middle class, seemed to have forgotten and get us closer to the everyday struggles and triumphs of our farmers. We have forgotten because the farmers, although are responsible for the food on our plates, don’t feature in our conversations anymore. And believe it or not, movies have a huge role in this.  Movies have a huge role and have a huge impact on our society. They have the ability to shape our conversations and what we what we as a society can or cannot do or want to do. 

  • When bahubali hit the screens, our conversations were around katappa, shivagami and of course Bahubali 
  • When dangal hit the screens, our conversations were around Githa and Babitha and of course wrestling 
  • When tare zameen par hit the screens, it was about kids and their upbringing 

When was the last time we ever saw a movie on farmers? May be peepli live? Or some may even remember mother India or even pukar? 

Unfortunately in our 6 decades of independence, we have only made a handful of movies – Mother India, Pukar etc featuring the farmers. Once the movie making stopped, these conversations also stopped.

It is in this context that Anshul is making this movie and hence is inherently shouldering a great responsibility. So “Mitti – Back to the Roots” is not just a movie. It holds the key to how we as a society take on the responsibility to do something for our farmers.  Let us all wish and hope

  •  the movie a great success
  • the movie helps bring the issues back to the forefront 
  • the movie helps begin the drawing room conversations

3 cheers to the team behind “Mitti – Back to the Roots”

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