The joke is on us, Nitish, is just reminding us, yet again!

The DNA of #NitishKumar is NDA or so goes the joke. NitishKumar became the butt of jokes, but in reality, the joke is on us. It has always been on us, we the people and will continue to be so.

From the days of kidnapping MLA’s to stage a coup (of a kind) to the bags filled with crores of rupees found on the floor of the house to the MLA’s/MP’s changing parties from BJP to Cong or vice-versa, what NitishKumar did is no different. Its all in the game of musical chairs or rather the musical chairs of politics. And this game has no rules and only one goal – “Do whatever it takes to keep the Kursi (Chair)”. This should come as no surprise and we should stop pretending we are surprised or alarmed at the current state of affairs.

Politics has been degraded to just a dirty game of power, paisa and what we are witnessing is just the experience of those who played the game long enough. It really doesn’t matter, which party, which MP/MLA gets elected, until they are held accountable, nothing will ever matter because thats the DNA of politics or should I say the DNA of politicians.

So the joke has always been on us.

Our only chance and the only chance to restore the lost faith in this political process is to hold these parties and politicians accountable to see to it that they serve the people not rule them. Either we take on our responsibility to make the politicians deliver on their responsibilities or just be reduced to a laughing stock since the joke is really on us.

You don’t have to believe me, just pay attention to some of the recent changes in legislation, especially, around political funding.

1. Keep political parties out of the purview of RTI – done
2. Remove the limit of 7.5% on net profits of the last 3 financial years, for contributions that a company may make to political parties – done
3. Remove the need to disclose the name of the party to which the donation was made – done
4. Introduce electoral bonds as an anonymous vehicle to donate to the parties – done
5. Once the party comes to power, it would return all the black money by returning all the favors in the form of new business deals – black becomes white
6. Repeat

This would ensure that politics be reduced to power plays of the lobbyists and never about people and their priorities.

#moneybill #financebill2017


In the meanwhile, look at how our MPs are doing when it comes to delivering their responsibilites?

A lower percentage of Bills have been referred to committees for scrutiny in the
current Lok Sabha (29%), as compared to the 15th Lok Sabha (71%) and the 14th Lok
Sabha (60%).

 During this session, some Bills, such as those related to the levy of GST and increase of maternity benefits were passed without being examined by Parliamentary Committees.
 This implies that Members of Parliament had limited opportunity to conduct detailed
scrutiny and obtain feedback from experts and stakeholders before passing these Bills



So the joke is really on us



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