July 31st deadline for the crop insurance can really be a make or break for many farmers

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Yet another farmer from Maharashtra on the challenges in just applying for the insurance, forget getting the insurance payments.

What is the procedure for applying the crop insurance?

  • The insurance companies started advertising about 15 days ago
  • The bank started accepting applications only from the past 4 days
  • Today is the 4th consecutive day the farmer came back empty handed from the bank
  • The process involves downloading the 2 page form, filling out the application and submitting the supporting documents

1) The land ownership records from the Tehsildar/Revenue Department
2) The crop plantation certificate from the Agriculture Department – the banks initially gave a tough time to the farmers and refused to accept the plantation certificate for the year 2017-2018 saying they were not authorized to do so. After going back and forth a multiple times between the bank and the revenue deparment, the Tehisldar finally stepped in and clarified with the bank.
3) Submit the #AadharCard for the banks have made it compulsary for applying crop insurance
You are educated and are computer savvy, but what about those who are not educated?

The farmer helped almost 20 other farmers who had a tough time filling out the application. There are a few people assisting, however they charge Rs 50 or so to fill out the application forms.
How many people were at the bank applying for insurance?

About 400-500 people were in the queue and only about 30-40 applications were being processed in a day. The problem was that the bank officials would highlight errors in application, one at a time forcing the farmers to make multiple rounds to the banks.
How many crops are you trying to insure?

About 10 crops which include Soybean, Urad, Moong Dal, Rice, Small sunflower
How much premium do you have to pay?

  • Soybean – 1 acre – 320
  • Urad – 1 acre – 144
  • Moong – 1 acre – 144
  • Rice – 1 acre – 312
  • Small sunflower – 1 acre – 160
  • and adding up premiums for other crops

A total of Rs 1170 premium
Did you ever get the insurance payments for any of the claims?

The process of paying the claims includes a survey that has to be done by the revenue department which would then be submitted to Tehlisdar to the collector to the state government and finally submit to the insurance company.

Survey – Revenue department = > Tehsildar –> Collector –> State government –> Insurance company
Moreover, the insurance money is only paid in the next financial year, which anyways is too late.
What about the loan waivers announced by the Maharashtra government?

The maximum amount that can be waived is 1.5 lakhs and if a farmer who has loan amount more than that, they have to pay off the full amount and then get the waiver.
Did the Kisan Credit Card help you in anyway?

I don’t have the Kisan credit card, but I do have an account, the details are in the passbook. I had applied for Rs 40,000 as loan amount and I did get it sanctioned. But the amount I received was only Rs 30,000 and I was told, only after I pay off the 30,000, I would get Rs 10,000 in the next financial year.
I ended the conversation by wishing the farmer luck and sincerely hope, him and other farmers do get the insurance, for it is a really make or break situation for them or worst even a life and death situation.


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