Update on OneCroreFarmerFund

Feb 24th 2017, I started an ambitious fund raising campaign to raise 1 crore for farmers. The fund would be used to provide long & short term solutions (details in the picture) After raising about 16 lakhs or so, started working on implementing the funds, here is an update

The funds raised were used to support two projects

Project #1: Provide a comprehensive 2 week training to the farmers and the grassroot volunteers working alongside with the farmers on various aspects of farming (details in the picture)

The training was conducted by CSA (Center for Sustainable agriculture) in Hyderabad over the course of 2 weeks. The training was attended by 20 people, including 8 farmers 6 agriculture students 6 grass root level volunteers (Students are not in the picture)

As part of the training they attended farmer field school, the farm in Enabavi village (model village for organic farming) and had discussions and interactions on other concepts of farming, including FPO’s

Also had sessions on pest control, insecticides

The farmers and the grassroot level volunteers liked the sessions and they found it extremely useful. They did have feedbacks which will help in future such sessions

Here is one farmer from Maharashtra wrote back to me as feedback for the session. He found the session extremely useful and was keen to implement this in how own village Incidently he also won the panchayat elections , so there is a very good chance to work more closely

While, I’m still collecting feedback from all the participants, wanted to share the initial feedback with all the donors and supporters of this project Also thank you everyone for your generous contributions. Thank you to and the entire team of CSA for conducting the training sessions

Providing financial support to SahajaAharam (sahajaaharam.in) to procure produce from farmers in different villages via FPO’s and their by providing the farmers a better price Once this is completed, more updates will follow




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  1. Kheti ke liye do chije jaruri hai Pani Aur road. Hamare yaha Pani hai Lekin road nahi hai isliye anaj ko market le Jane me taklif hoti hai. Ex abhi road na hone ki wajese sugarcane factory ki gaddiya nahi aa rahi hai aur ganna khet me waisa hi hai.road karwane me Kuch madat hoti hai Kya dekho

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