Know Your Banks

The RBI has a very elaborate and exhaustive explaination of what Know Your Customer (KYC) is all about and why it is required to begin  with. The document cites example transactions, ledger entries and basically every nitty gritty detail of KYC. But too bad that didn't prevent the frauds from happening, only this time the fraud... Continue Reading →


We as a society must respond to the growing incidents of rape

520 kids all below 6 years of age were survivors of rape i.e. Five Hundred and Twenty. I repeat Five Hundred and Twenty. And if we include all the kids below 18 years, this number rises to 16863 i.e. Sixteen thousand eight hundred and sixty three. 16863 children will carry these scars for the rest... Continue Reading →

Why agriculture matters: An Irony (Economic Survey, 2017-18)

First, and foremost, agriculture matters in India for deep reasons, not least because the farmer holds a special place in Indian hearts and minds. The first salvo of satyagraha was fired by Mahatma Gandhi on behalf of farmers, the indigo farmers exploited by colonial rule. Not unlike in early, Jeffersonian America (Hofstadter, 1955), history and literature have contributed to the farmer acquiring... Continue Reading →

And a happy republic day

When India became a republic, it put the people in charge of running the country through elected representatives from the panchayats to the parliament. The constitution guaranteed certain basic rights ▪Right to equality ▪Right to freedom ▪Right to freedom of religion ▪Right against exploitation ▪Right to education ▪Right to information The constitution also gave directions... Continue Reading →

Official Documents concerning Agriculture

Drought Assistance to Telangana National Disaster Response Fund in the wake of drought/hailstorm Financial assistance under NDRF in the last 3 years doubling the income of farmers by 2022 Big Irrigation Departments STATUS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF PMKSY STATUS OF CANAL IRRIGATION PROJECTS Vanabandhu Kalyan Yojana National Livestock Mission Status of discontinued scheme department-of-animal-husbandry-dairying-and-fisheries Shortage of... Continue Reading →

Wish the government discusses and debates the reports published by its own committees – Doubling farmers income

India today is not only self-sufficient in respect of demand for food, but is also a net exporter of agri-products occupying seventh position globally. It is one of the top producers of cereals (wheat & rice), pulses, fruits, vegetables, milk, meat and marine fish. While production has increased affordability to a vast majority, including large... Continue Reading →

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