iPad vs. Golu 

So where were we Sonu? Sonu: Gappu, Pappu, Chappu were on the train and they were going to the village  Me: The village was on the foothills of a mountain, surrounded by a small lake and green trees all around.  Sonu: Oh, so it was like a forest  Me: Yeah, you could say that, like... Continue Reading →


Call campaign for farmers protesting in Ninder, Rajasthan 

Numbers to call: Jaipur MP: +91 98 29 066531 MLA contact information : http://www.rajassembly.nic.in/MemContacts.asp District contact information can be downloaded from ; http://jaipur.rajasthan.gov.in/content/raj/jaipur/en/telephone-directory.html CM office -  +91-141-2227656 ,  +91-141-2227647 #MPConversations #FarmerConversations Farmers in Ninder, a vllage in Jaipur, Rajasthan had been protesting and today is the 15th day. I spoke to the MP, Ramcharan Bohara and asked him... Continue Reading →

Gappu, Pappu, Chappu and Golu – I

This is a new series of bedtime stories, with a backdrop of electronics and kids, I'm telling my kids. Characters: Gappu, Pappu, Chappu are best friends. Golu - is a soccer (foot) ball One day while Gappu, Pappu, Chappu were walking to the school, they saw little Golu by the road side. Golu was all... Continue Reading →

ఒక ప్రేక్షకుడిగా నా ఆలోచనా స్థాయిని పెంచారన్న గొప్ప అనుభూతి

నూట నలభై అక్షరాల్లో సంభాషణలు; మూడు నిమిషాల కంటే ఎక్కువగ దేని పైన దృష్టి పెట్టడం కష్టంగా వున్న ఈ రోజుల్లో; WhatsApp ఫార్వర్డ్లు; ఫేస్ బుక్ లైక్ ల మధ్య, అతి వేగంగా గడిచి పోతున్న కాలం ఇది. నిలకడగా వుండి, ఏ ఆర్భాటం లేకుండ, ఏ సెన్సేషన్ లేకుండ కేవలం మన సంస్కృతి,సాంప్రదాయం మరియు చరిత్ర ను గుర్తించి, గౌరవించాలన్న ఒకే ఒక ఉద్ధేశంతో ఒక కార్యక్రమం చెయ్యాలనుకోవడం గొప్ప ఆలోచన. ఆలోచన గొప్పగ వుంటే... Continue Reading →

Study on Farmer Suicides – Part II

Based on the survey conducted, a majority of farmers are willing to quit farming, given an opportunity to earn a decent living elsewhere. This would mean giving up their land, giving up their village, giving up their families - but they are willing to pay this price in exchange of an opportunity that they see... Continue Reading →

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