Deteriorating standards of Indian politics

A government with an absolute majority, a strong opposition to keep the government in check, a media that is keeping the government on its toes, a judiciary that is keeping the government within the boundaries of the law - too idealistic, right? Exactly. Its naive. What have we become? What we were taught about democracy,... Continue Reading →


How was the budget passed in 2013-14?

Budget: The annual budget presented by the Finance Minister contains 2 basic things · How much money the central government expects to raise in the next financial year and how it plans to spend that money? · How much money was budgeted for various schemes or ministries in the past year, and an estimate of... Continue Reading →

Why is the river Ganga still maili?

The world bank rated the overall risk of the project to be high as of Sep 2017. Thousands of crores allocated to the clean ganga initiatives project were lying unspent. Targets to  complete the sewage treatment plans were far from being met, worst, -they were not even planned.  There were no plan for river basin... Continue Reading →

Sammy the Soil

Keeping the tradition of weaving real life stories, incidents, issues into childrens bedtime stories, I introduced Sammy the soil who lived high up in the mountains. Kids: How did Sammy get so high? Me: Well, he was born and brought up there. Kids: So, that was his home Me: Yes. And just like you, Sammy... Continue Reading →

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