A basement fundraiser concert for AID Eureka

Organizing a concert, a carnatic vocal concert to be specific, is by no means an ordinary basement event. It's a rather arduous ask, which begins from scouting of the artists and the venues and only ends with counting the dollars raised and preparing the expense reports, at the end. Of course, I am excluding the... Continue Reading →


The ABC’s of NRC Assam

A for Assam B for borders C for Citizenship D for Deportation E for Elections F for foreigners G for Guidelines I for Illegal L for Law and Order M for Migrants N for NRC O for Omit P for Population R for Registry S for State T for Terrorize U for Update V for... Continue Reading →

A day out with a dairy farmer

What do you call an economy that has a potential to generate enough economic activity to support it's entire population and beyond, but is restrained and restricted by forces, most of which are beyond it's control, making the those very people struggle on an everyday basis - welcome to the rural economy. What do you... Continue Reading →

Letter in support of Sudha Bharadwaj

We the undersigned wish to place on record our utter disgust, contempt and outrage at the latest in the series of machinations by Republic TV, working to its brief as a propagandist for the ongoing crusade against all those who take public stands in defence of democracy, secularism, human rights, Constitutional propriety and rule of... Continue Reading →

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