Census India is not just about numbers, it is about how people live and suffer

OP Rawat, Chief Election Commissioner: By and large Karnataka polls peaceful.  We are happy Money distribution big problem and it will worrying us Money seizure this time 6.5 Times more than the last assembly polls   This worries us and we have to take steps Voter ID cards seized in a constituency. Prima facie it appears... Continue Reading →


Community Supported Agriculture finding it tough to get support from community

"We are a pretty big CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with about 4000 members. But even we are feeling the pressure from the venture capital backed startups such as Blue Apron or Amazon fresh. Just last year, we lost about 500 members." - Jim, in his bright red winter cap and rugged shoes, reflecting on the... Continue Reading →

How about a National Walkout?

We failed as a society - not the first time We are ashamed of ourselves - damn right, we should be We will never forget - until the next time it happens again And we fail, we feel ashamed and we forget How about we try something different? How about we really show our elected... Continue Reading →

Crop insurance – how is it supposed to work.

  Adequate publicity needs to be given in all the villages of the notified districts/ areas. All possible means of electronic and print media, farmer’s fair, exhibitions including SMS messages, short films, and documentaries shall be utilized to create and disseminate awareness, benefits and limitations of the Scheme among the cultivators and the agencies involved... Continue Reading →

Crop insurance for Rabi crops (2017-18) in Telangana

3 companies are operating in Telangana providing crop insurance for 10 crops Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd ICICI LOMBARD GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO. Bengal Gram (chick pea) Black Gram Green Gram Ground nut Maize Onion Paddy Red Chillies Sesame Sorghum (Jowar/Great Millet) Sunflower Acturail Rate -  expected or projected value of... Continue Reading →

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