How serious is India’s fight on climate change – turns out it isn’t?

The National Action Plan on Climate Change includes 8 national missions, apart from various other initiatives Solar EnergyEnhanced Energy EfficiencyAgricultureWaterSustainable HabitatGreen IndiaHimalayan EcosystemStrategic Knowledge for Climate Change Each mission is administered by a Ministry/Department which is responsible for its implementation and lays down the budget provisions, priorities etc. NABARD has been appointed as National Implementing... Continue Reading →


Lets not call it Global Warming and Lets not call it Climate Change

"Why is there a drought?" "Why so many hurricanes?" "Why so many wild fires?" "Why so many floods?" - questions my 6 year old. Questions for which I don't have an easy answer. But thanks to the Global Warming and Climate Change, I don't have to think any further. It is this very answer that... Continue Reading →

Some interesting facts about the Telangana elections

Total number of parties that contested in the elections - 93 Total number of Independent candidates - 667 Malkajgiri constituency had the highest number of Independent canidates - 19Number of constituencies in which the following parties contested inTRS 117BJP 116BSP 106NOTA 116Shiv Sena 41Pyramid Party of India 40Aam Aadmi Party 40Samajwadi Forward Bloc 30TDP 13NOTA... Continue Reading →

Amaravati – the CAPITAL city

The capital city of Amaravati has an area of 217.23 sq kms (1 sq km is 100 hectares and 1 hectare is 1 football ground) and is spread across 25 villages in 3 mandals of Guntur district with 27,000 households and a total population of 1 lakh. The major economic activity in the area was... Continue Reading →

Indian Railways Safety or the high speed Bullet trains

The Standing Committee on Railways (Chairperson: Mr. Sudip Bandopadhay) submitted its report on Safety and Security in Railways on December 14, 2016.  Key observations and recommendations of the Committee include: Under-investment in Railways:  Further, under-investment in Railways has resulted in congested routes, inability to add new trains, reduction of train speeds, and more rail accidents.... Continue Reading →

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