Agriculture as the road ahead – Odisha government organic farming policy

Odisha government released their policy for Organic Farming for the state. The policy if and when implemented with accountability and transparency, can be a blue print for other states to adopt, since the policy recognizes the strengths of the rural economy and does full justice to its potential. The policy talks about generating jobs, increasing... Continue Reading →


The story of two hugs and more from another great hugger – Cory Booker

You are in awe, you are enthralled, you are mesmerized, you are quite literally on a high and this feeling stays with you, anywhere from a few hours to few days and in some cases stays with you forever.No it wasn't a great movie that I watched nor was it a great game of cricket... Continue Reading →

Just another small town

With a pair of clothes, a bottle of water and a light snack all packed in my orange bag, I got on the state run semi luxury inter city bus, on an overnight journey to a small town. I won't disclose the name of the town, but you will know why as you travel with... Continue Reading →

The ABC’s of NRC Assam

A for Assam B for borders C for Citizenship D for Deportation E for Elections F for foreigners G for Guidelines I for Illegal L for Law and Order M for Migrants N for NRC O for Omit P for Population R for Registry S for State T for Terrorize U for Update V for... Continue Reading →

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